Jimmy Crabtree Foundation

The Jimmy Crabtree Cancer Fund, Inc., was set up to honor Jimmy Crabtree and his cause. He and his wife Lorie had discussed the hope of forming such an organization. Their hope was to assist other young families in the West Orange County area who also are battling cancer. Jimmy and Lorie benefited by the support and love of their family, friends, church and community. As a result, they wanted to pass this opportunity to another family.

The fund was established in 2011 and became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2015. The fund began with a goal to help assist families touched by cancer. Since that time, the Foundation has supported multiple families of all ages. Through community supported events, fundraisers, and generous donors, the foundation has helped over 50 families in the local area.  If you would like to get involved and support our Foundation by offering financial assistance, please donate by clicking the button below.

Ideal Pest Solutions proudly supports the Jimmy Crabtree Foundation. Subsequently, we will donate $25 to the cause for each new service that we start. You can start a new service by clicking here and using the code NEWSERVICE25 in the message box. On the other hand, you can donate directly to the foundation by clicking the button below.Donate to the Jimmy Crabtree Cancer Fund