Eco-Friendly Services

At Ideal Pest Solutions, we recognize that many pesticides can be harmful to the environment. That’s why we choose eco-friendly products to use in your home or business. Environment-friendly 100% all-natural bug sprays are the ideal treatment for gardeners, families, and our animal friends. Ideal Pest Solutions protects your home and the environment all at once.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

We apply our green materials around soffits, windows, and doors. We place a granular product around the mulch and grassy areas to help prevent pests gaining access into the home. This is serviced every other month.  

Mosquito Baiting

Our natural green baiting system works by mosquitos landing inside the stations with water. They become sterile once they rest on the water and the female can’t bite any more. This process allows that mosquito to land in other areas creating a transfer mode of action that will affect other mosquitos before it dies. Each month we replace the water and add new natural material inside each container. Each property is different and more or less stations will be needed upon our initial inspection.