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What’s in your attic? Have you heard noises in the middle of the night? Do you suspect you have a mouse or rat infestation? Rodents like these damage your walls, spread disease, eat your food, and more, all while staying hidden from sight. In fact, you might have a problem and not even know it. Hire Ideal Pest Solutions for trusted rodent control.

Ideal Pest Solutions employs fully-trained technicians who interview you as the client as to what you are hearing and seeing. They then conduct a thorough inspection of your Residential or Commercial property, including the interior, the exterior, your attic and/or crawl space. This detailed analysis of your particular case is how we determine what type of rodent you are dealing with, likely rats or mice, and how they are entering the property. Finally, Ideal Pest Solutions provides the ideal solution on how we are going to extract them.

Ideal Pest Solutions Rodent Control includes Rodent Exclusion and Damage Restoration. After we have inspected the entire property we will provide a full report where the unwanted guests are gaining access and close off all entry points. We remove all damaged insulation then remove the droppings including decontaminating the areas. Once this is completed we install our ECO Blown Insulation to the necessary R-Value you request.

We guarantee all the rodent exclusion work for as long you own your home and Eco Blown Insulation is guaranteed for life not to lose it’s R-Value or we will Re-blow it at no charge. We also transfer the Insulation Warranty to the new owner at no charge upon request.

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