The Buzz on Mosquito Control

Summertime is here which means sunshine, grilling, and family time. Unfortunately, this is when mosquitos are in their most annoying state.

Mosquitos aren’t just terribly annoying insects, but they also carry deadly diseases like:

  • Zika Virus
  • West Nile Virus
  • Chikungunya Virus
  • Arbovirus
  • Malaria and Dengue

Recent studies show that Arbovirus’ is on the rise in Florida and the best way to protect yourself is to not get bit by mosquitos or be around mosquito-infested areas… and in Florida, this is hard to do.

At Ideal Pest Solutions, we offer a green reduction program and Misting liquid treatment for fast results that is safe for the environment and works day or night! 

Schedule a Mosquito service and we will provide you a solution for a long term reduction and mitigation for your property.